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[Tip] How to Get Great Feedback

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Termaximus, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. Termaximus

    Termaximus L5: Dapper Member

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    The Quick Version I've been able to secure unlimited full-server playtesting for the iterations of my maps by fostering a solid relationship with a clan. I recommend this to all. It takes some time, but can be the best thing for your mapping once you have it.

    The Rambling Version
    There has been a lot of discussion around here lately as to an apparent lack of feedback for new mappers. The consensus as I see it is that the mapping masters are busy folks and most of them do try to be helpful, that the better mappers do better WIPs and thus get better feedback, and newbies can be unintentionally run off when they receive criticism. The Gamedays are a great service, but often skim over less than perfect maps because of player preference, which is understandable.

    With my latest map VipersDen, I have been able to get as much play testing as I want on a full server which has generated a lot of excellent feedback and bug detection. While it was not my initial goal, I was able to do this by joining a 'clan' (we actually refer to ours as a gaming community, which it is since it is relatively democratic and not militant like many clans). It took a bit of work and time but I have earned administrative powers and the respect of the group.

    Because of this I can have the server admin load up my alphas and am guaranteed at least a couple rounds with full servers. I try to take part in these, but at the least my clan members can leave feedback in our forum. Also, I can just hop on the server, ask permission, then switch over to the map for some impromptu playtesting. This has helped my mapping immensely, especially with gameplay which is so hard to correct for with just running around the map solo.

    Granted the feedback I receive is not technical like what I get here, but since I am mapping for just these types of everyday gamers it is invaluable.
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  2. Altaco

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    I've got one as well:

    They test my maps, I'm an active member, and I whore myself shamelessly to advertise them every time I possibly can :3

    Also, 2fort2furious's FLOOR_MASTER is always willing to test a map even if it sucks.
  3. Vigilante212

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    Yea my clan just got a server, but its still nice to have real mappers text the map since they tend to notice stuff normal players wouldnt.
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