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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by drp, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. drp

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    How long do you guys spend mapping in one sitting?
    I sit on my ass all day at work so I cant go more than 2-3hrs. :cool:
  2. Armadillo of Doom

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    Depends on free time, usually. Anywhere from an hour to all night, depending on how worked up I am :)
  3. wolferey

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    Right now im busy with some other things so I haven't gotten around to map much, but normally anything from 2-5 hours to all-nighters, depending on my mood and if I ain't stuck with something or have other things to do like now. Im aiming to get into the game dev business, so after I get done with the stuff I do now (working on spillmodding.no, norwegian game modding/development site) I will be doing TF2 mapping.. alot.. :p
  4. Maj.Woody

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    I have spend all my free time lately mapping >_<

    However, it has easily been 3 years since I even looked at a mapping program, and probably 7 or 8 since I have done anything serious.

    Back when I was serious about mapping for Q3A I would usually map frantically for extended periods then take a few days off to think then get back to mapping.

    As for actual time, it depends on what is going on. The last couple days I have had alot of free time and only had to run a few errands on the weekend here, so have put in quite a few hours.
  5. MrTwitch

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    I have logged the same amount of hours in mapping as I have at my fulltime job. My girlfriend is planning an intervention...