Thoughts on a New Game-mode: Class Defense

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Lockhart, Oct 1, 2009.

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    Well I've been thinking about possible projects I could start working on if I ever finish my payload map. One of those that's in the forefront is trying to dream up something entirely new, because that's what people tend to like best!

    Anyhow, I'd probably call it class defense. This is because it has a lot of similarities with the tower defense custom game mode for many RTS' and internet sites.

    Blu team wins only by capturing the final control point. Capturing points adds time. The points must be captured in order to the last objective. If time runs out Red wins.
    • Blu team always attacks and has to capture certain control points in a consecutive order.
    • Red always defends, and spawns a bit behind the currently contested control point.
    • Map design is always linear, and there are always 2-4 paths of varying height to an objective.
    The hitch: Both teams only have certain classes available to them depending on stages of the map. For example, I was thinking the blu team would start with only the soldier class, and the red with heavy class.

    After every captured point one or multiple classes would open up to each team. The number of control points would be geared around how many classes open up per control point.

    Class opening: Every control point opens at least one set class. And sometimes one or two optional/vote classes.
    Set Class
    -Blu starts with soldier
    -Blu gains the scout class automatically on capture of point 1
    -Red starts with heavy
    -Red gains an optional class on capture of point 1

    Optional Class
    Red team is the only team that receives this option ever. The entire team votes in a quick poll somehow on what class should open up.
    Example: Pick a Class
    Medic, Scout, Sniper, Spy, None

    If a class is chosen, the game timer extends. If no class is chosen there is no change to the timer or Red's spawn options.

    Vote Class
    Blu team is the only team that receives this option ever. Upon the capture of some points there is a Vote Class in addition to the Set Class. It's simply a vote on what optional class should become available.

    -Note: There are always enough optional/vote classes to make all classes available by the defense of the last control point.
    -Note: Optional/Vote classes can never be a set class. This means that you can't vote to open the engineer class on Red if it's opened after capture point 3 is lost.

    I hate servers that limit the number of a certain class, or which class can or can't be played. So this mode seems to be entirely against what I think is fun. The thing is though, there's forced strategy and teamwork in this game mode because the team chooses which classes are opened depending on how they're doing and what classes the other team is using. There's even an element of secrecy possible where the Blu team could gain a certain class, and Red wouldn't know until they saw them. That adds an element of surprise special to the game mode. Both teams will be yelling "They got snipers!" "Holy hell I got sapped, SPY!" "UBER!!" I think it has nice potential and if anyone else is interested in picking up the idea with me I'd be delighted. I've got limited mapping experience so coding something like this would definitely take me a long time.
  2. Nutomic

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    Sounds really interesting, only players probably wouldnt like it to be forced to a certain class (they dont like?).

    And you will very likely need to write a server plugin for this, i dont think you will be able to do this only via map settings.
  3. J4CK8

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    It is certainly a good idea, however as Nutomic said, people dont like being a certain class. Maybe if you could force the class restrictions to the player so that with every capture point they get to pick a class to use, but it might resort to people reconnecting to the server to choose a new class.
  4. Lockhart

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    Well, there's a game mode called dodgeball where both teams are entirely pyros only using airblast. That's class limitation to an extreme. So I wouldn't entirely rule out the idea.

    Although I doubt I have the dedication to this idea to make a plugin for a server. However you do that. :rolleyes:
  5. Blue552

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    Create a filter_class at spawn so only certain classes can get out. Not too difficult to do, good idea though!
  6. lana

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    I would, however, disagree. While dodgeball uses the class limitation as part of its gameplay, you don't have any particular reason for it.
  7. Lockhart

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    All I'd have to do is create some specific doors for classes that get powered up when a team activates em.

    But do I really need a reason if it's fun?
  8. Pseudo

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    filter_activator_class applies to entity class. All player entities are of the class "player". There isn't a reliable way for a map to filter player class.