The "To Imp" list, and better controls for Impromptus

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    We had a few problems in the Impromptu area during the 72hr contest (and in general for us living outside of US or EU). When people wanted to get our map tested there was either no cohesive list of maps or no admins willing to host.

    How I would fix this is to make a list of maps that need to be tested, maybe on this forum or a subsite (maybe on the feedback site?) where people can put their maps in, with a download and thread number. From here if people feel like playing impromptu tests they can check out the list, throw them on the server and go, no more camping the Steam Chat and hoping a nice admin has the time. Someone lazy can just throw it on the server, announce and let the rtv, !fb and !gf do the talking.
    This also helps people from Australia who have to constantly bug admins to remember to put their maps into the impromptus, making it hard to get tests done.

    As for better controls, since the admin will not be present there would have to be a feature to either set a list of maps to play in order, or to give next map by popular vote. (I don't know how hard this would be, since it sounds like a sourcemod endeavor)
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    There was actually a Google form on this page that we were submitting maps to, but it was only created partway through the contest. I do agree that we should have a queue like this for all 72hr contests in the future.
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    It's been there since the start of July, I'm just the only one that uses it really. :v