Model The Microsapper 2016-07-25

A small, throwable anti-sentry device for the spy.

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    The Microsapper - A small, throwable anti-sentry device for the spy.

    I wasn't able to start until the final day due to personal reasons, but I decided to join anyway because I've had this idea for years, and decided I might as well see how far I could get.

    So this is the microsapper. This sapper replacement behaves just like the normal sapper but with the bonus of it being tossable much like the Jarate, allowing spies to disable sentry guns from a distance, but with the downside of the weapon having to recharge. Again, much like the Jarate.

    It's unfortunately missing textures, but I'm quite happy with how the model has turned out given that I only had 12 hours to work on it. I do intend to finish it, and probably will over the next couple of days, so here's what I intend to accomplish:

    1. Textures!
    2. I want it to be team coloured too.
    3. Jigglebones/animation! The little needle on the dial will move and possibly the handle will too.
    4. Glow maps! It has little lights on it!
    5. Custom throwing animation!
    6. Custom worldview animation! As spy holds the normal sapper with both hands, it would look a little weird considering how small the microsapper is.
    I'll create a steam workshop page once I'm more satisfied with it, but for now, the model is here if you want to take a look at it and play around with it or learn from it. I hope you had fun with the 72hr jam, and I'm glad you took a look at my little toy despite how unfinished it is. Hopefully next year things will work out better for me.

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    This is a very impressive model for such a short piece of work - its both visibly a sapper and yet clearly different. That list of things to continue with looks good to me too. I would pay attention when texturing it to making it visible at a distance to opponents too, despite being on a crackling sentry gun - or possibly just on the ground near one, depending on how it would function. Perhaps set up the screen to flash?