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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Added the GA'lloween 2015 tournament medals
    • Fixed players sometimes not being able to select a team and spawn on Helltower
    • Fixed two of the Gorge Event Merasmission's objectives not working properly
    • Updated the truce during boss fights to prevent airblasting enemy players and projectiles
    • Updated the Invasion event to run through the weekend
    • Updated the equip_region for the Supernatural Stalker
    • Mannpower Update
      • Updated ctf_hellfire – nobuilds added, final detail pass
      • Spies disguised as the enemy can now pick up enemy colored powerups
      • Reduced Knockout powerup health bonus for Demomen carrying shields and/or swords
      • Fixed grappling hook sometimes being reselectedwhen fired (instead of switching back to previous weapon)
      • Fixed a client crash when switching away from the grappling hook
    • Updated cp_powerhouse
      • Teleport blockers near spawn entrances
      • Fixed prop collisions on some models
    • Updated pl_millstone_event
      • Fixed door near final pit so players no longer get stuck in it
      • Decreased ghost cart stun area. Now you have to be closer to the cart as RED to get scared.
      • Fixed odd cable appearing sometimes in the ground near BLU spawn
      • Fixed being able to shoot spells into BLU spawn during setup time
      • Fixed Monoculus dropping down into a pit in rare cases

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    Apparently this is what Valve considers "final"
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    Now I want to see photos of Monocules in the pit.
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    I'm a little concerned....
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