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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SharkMan, Apr 23, 2009.

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    been a while since i've attempted to adjust to hl2's mapping style, came from hl1 hammer and almost completely confused by a lot of whats changed in the new hammer.

    I've only released 2 maps, a map for svencoop called "SEXR" and a map for tfc called "crossroads" i released this map for tfc about a year before tf2 came out, so basically no one has heard of it and it was hardly played except by my friends who helped test it, a bunch of bots, and some random people who joined the server i was hosting. easily the most difficult map i've ever worked on in my life, because of tfc's extremely confusing entity system.

    i have had 2 WIP maps for svencoop 1 called "oblivion" which i later made a comic out of, and 1 that i intended to release but kept crashing because of svencoop bugs called "endeavor." I've also released a few joke maps on svencoop as a sort of test to see if the name actually had anything to do with people joining the game.

    I've decided to try and actually release a TF2 map and stick with trying to release it since for the past year I've had probably the worst creativity block that started with not being able to map and ended with me not being able to find interest in photography. I've found that tf2 is most like hl1 in the mapping sense because the maps do not necessarily rely on models as much and most straight up hl2 maps.

    the map I'm currently working on is called ctf_hideaway and hopefully this map name hasn't been taken yet, no screens yet as I'm still debating whether or not to redo the base, as i am finding it to be fairly difficult to work with.
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    awesome background, can't wait for the screenshots =)

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