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Stop func_respawnroom from blocking buildings

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Bermuda Cake, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Bermuda Cake

    Bermuda Cake L9: Fashionable Member

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    sorry to double thread, but I think the title was putting people who didnt know about zf off.

    How do I stop func_respawnroom from blocking buildings? I don't mind, and would like to disable respawning on setup end anyway, although I think the zf plugin already does this.
  2. megawac

    megawac L4: Comfortable Member

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    Ive never done this but heres what my guess would be.

    A logic auto that onRoundstart disable <Your respawn room> fire-once yes thats my guess
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  3. Terr

    aa Terr Cranky Coder

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    Why would you want to change this behavior? Do you really want griefer engineers to be able to put a teleport exit in the spawn that enemies can come through?

    IMO this is something which should be the ZF mod's responsibility to alter. One thing you might try is to have it be a tall room, and players spawn and fall a short distance. The bottom area would be open for building.
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