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    I'm wanting to create a map with a garage/sports car theme, and to populate the garage, I'm looking for a few models of cars. Since TF2 is 60's themed, I'll include pictures of some of my favorites from the era. Red, white, and blue skins are obviously a necessity, I'll leave it up to the artist to leave some more colors to decorate the neutral or outside areas with.

    Yenko Camaro

    Dodge Charger 440 R/T

    Toyota 2000GT

    Datsun 240Z (okay, I'm stretching "from the era" a little bit)

    Jaguar XKE

    Aston Martin DB5
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    Hey! So first off I thought I'd tell you that we have 1 cool car model: The Chairman, based off this bad boy:


    There's also a vehicle prop pack here with various cars and non-cars.

    Now, the reason I bring up this tangentially related stuff is that modeling cars is a lot of work. They are complex, intricate, and require lots of time and effort. Also, they typically use lots of polys, making them more taxing to render. (Definitely a garage would be ok as a detail area, but maybe not as a play area.) That's the main reason we lack so many cars, and also why the Facepunch pack was created.

    Asking someone to make all these cars, or even just one, is a lot of work. Probably a few weeks assuming the modeler also has a job, life, etc., which most do. You're asking for a lot of work from someone, and not even offering any kind of reward.

    It's one thing to request a specific fence or door or whatever other kind of detail for TF2 that can fit in many maps, or is really unique, or something. But a series of sports cars isn't that reusable, so you're unlikely to see someone want to do it for free/fun.

    Hopefully someone does fill your request because I think TF2 could use more cars, but honestly, this is a ton of work you're asking for and I thought you should know (1) the resources already available and (2) you might be better off offering some form of payment.