"Spire 2.0" - Re-texture/Artwork [Deleted]

Discussion in '72hr Jam Entries' started by Koi, Feb 12, 2017.

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    "Spire 2.0" - Re-texture/Artwork - Artwork entry of cp_badland's spire with cp_sunshine's lighthouse texture on it!

    Made primarily as an inside joke among friends, I spent a fair amount of time (just over 1 hour) attempting to re-texture the cp_badlands spire to have the lighthouse's texture from cp_sunshine. In order to do this, I used photoshop.
    To be completely honest, it came out better than I originally thought it would and that is why I decided to try submitting it to the 72 hour jam in hopes it would be good enough to receive a medal!
    This is a simple picture (.png) and not a map file, so there is obviously no installation required.
    To any and all who see the art, I hope you are amused and get a laugh out of it!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.