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    [EXAMPLE MAP]Timer

    This is just a timer I've made the last 2 days. Belive it or not, It's the first time I use a output/Input and the first time I trigger something to complex entities. I'm impressed on how easy to use is the input system.

    Timer have an activation entity, it's the right func_button, but you can change it to whatever you want. Middle func_button stops the timer, it's a little bit buggy when you stop it and then you activate it to continue timming. The left func_button resets the timer to 00:00.

    I've put the original timer system behind the spawn. I'm giving the .vmf too.

    Download link: http://twhl.co.za/vaultdownload.php?download=5119

    IMPORTANT: It's for HL2:ep2, I made it for this game to make it Source engine generic, put the folder on the ep2 folder. Anyway, if you want to use the timer on your TF2 map, copy/paste the timer system onto your map, and move the textures files to the Tf2 folder

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