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    I have been thinking for a while... I need to make a map! I then realized... I can't! My computer is stupid, and always crashes. (Dinglehopper!) Anyways... If you can make maps pretty good, and aren't too busy, I would appreciate if you could make one of these.

    1. One with a lot of secrets, preferably NOT bright.
    2. A cave (Not like a payload or anything, this would be like achievement_cave)
    3. An island or multiple island, with a hidden button in a tree that lowers a bridge from island to island
    4. A village in the sky, with an elevator to the real world, and another one that goes under water/ground

    Notes: For the cave, it would have a base on each side, and random tunnels going every which way then a huge cavern in the middle with like a grotto type thing.

    For the village in the sky, refer to achievement_atlantis

    For the one with secrets, refer to achievement_turbo or achievement_egypt_night

    For the Island, there would be like a shark in the water, or it would slowly kill you. In other words, it would do enough damage that you cant swim all the way across.