[SOLVED]Problem with func_door entities to make horizontal doors

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    Alright first, hello everyone!

    So as the title suggest, I'm struggling making working horizontal doors with two func_door. Normal TF2 doors are opening up. But since there is some playable area right above the doors, when they open, they get to be a problem since we can see them. So I changed them and made them to open like airlock space doors, so I cut them in two parts and each goes either right or left so there is nothing going up. I managed to make it work for most of the doors, but for the last one it doesn't. Since it's 90° rotated compared to the others, obviously the values for the moving direction are different but I tried many things and it does not seem to work.

    I tried to find tutorials about these doors on Internet, not really caring for the game (HL2/CS/whatever is using Hammer) but nothing, it's all only about the regular going-up TF doors.

    So can someone explain me how these doors work and how can I pick the right moving direction depending of its angle ?

    Thanks in advance

    EDIT : Ah well i'm an idiot.

    So for people that might need the help someday : in moving direction, put 0 (90 or -90) 0 so the door moves on the X axis. If you want to make it move on the Y axis, put (180 or -180) 0 0.
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