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    Hello people! Nice being here since I find quite many servers to visit!

    =SofS= stands for Squad of Sweden and is a swedish based public clan that's based on having fun together. Recently we started to rent our own TF2 server from INX (UK based). Things have worked out quite well and we're learning more about the server every day.
    Since we've in the last few months have started to enjoy custom maps a lot more we've (read as I've) decided to run a few custom maps on it.

    Right now it is running every map from the current competition and a few others that I found in my HDD. We have a fixed spawntime at 5 seconds (3/8 when attack/defend) and sometimes we'll be running a Presents plugin.

    Come and visit us some time!

    IP: or Join us directly
    Steam Group: =SofS= Public Group - for info about events and server updates.
    Forums: =SofS= homepage
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