CP Snowstorm v01

My first fully textured map. A snowy 5CP map.

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    Snowstorm - My first fully textured map. A snowy 5CP map.

    This is my first map. It's a snow themed 5CP map. Please report glitches if you had a chance to play, and tell me how to further improve in mapping, if you have the time. Thanks :). I would like to include a special spawn near mid when a team caps the opponent's second CP to help them push to last, but I don't know how:psyduck:

    PS: I'd like to upload it to workshop when I fix some stuff and after I add an extra spawn, if I can... I don't know how to do that either... :oops:

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    In order to upload to the workshop, you need to be using TF2's stock hud. Then load TF2 and on the main menu you will see a 'workshop' button or something like that.
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