Slippery Snowslide (April Fools 2018)

CTF Slippery Snowslide (April Fools 2018) A2

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I really suck!
Nov 5, 2016
Slippery Snowslide (April Fools 2018) - What waits at the bottom?

The two teams find themselves securing intelligence in snowy alpine mineshafts. Who knows where they lead?
when it came time for this map to be played, it was discovered to have some major door problems. Oops. :)

  • Hopefully fixed all door logic (spawnroom doors open independently, slide doors no longer get stuck)
  • Added a ramp on each side to allow players to get back onto the mid bridge from the underpass
  • Minor clipping
  • Shifted BLU Resupply Cabinets so that their doors don't phase through walls