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    Hi , i have a question about the skybox , so to creat i skybox with backround like montains, building etc i have to creat a copy of my map and scale it ? There my steps i add light environements ,,,,env_sun,,, and then the skycamera. after icreate a copy of my map and then scale it , i delete the camera for the main map. So do i have to delete all my building etc , i dont get it , where i will creat the montains or fake building in the skybox map. If i try start my map after it say that it cannot load the map from the location or something like that. thank you forward
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    The idea behind those instructions (which I also was slightly confused by) are to help you place your skycamera in the right place and to build seamlessly.

    The things in your skybox should not be duplicates of stuff already in your main map. The only reason for the copy+shrink step is so that you get everything snug and exact. It's like tracing a picture on a sheet of paper, it gives you a starting point for building all the skybox-only stuff.

    Do not select everything when copy+shrinking into your skybox, only the sky_camera and major landmarks (ex. a big boulder, major walls) I think your problem is that you've copied additional things, like spawn points, which may be causing the error.