Skybox help.

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Bunker Junker

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Jul 28, 2017
Alright so I was just testing my map out to see if I finally fix my lighting issue, only to discover when I put the compile log at it said that my skybox wasn't HDR. (Whatever that means) It also told me "Make sure you don't specify the last three letter (_UP, _DN, etc) of any skybox texture you use." and I have no idea what this means either. It then tells me that my VMT files may be broken (I have no idea what these are either nor how to fix.)

Now I did went back to the web page where I get my skyboxes at and did replace the skybox with a HDR one, so it has to be the other two.

But like stated before I have no idea what it's asking for, so please help me figure out what it means.



Naylte ven, naylte yen.
Nov 14, 2009
The first error was a warning you could have ignored. Some skyboxes have additional images that allow the skybox itself to change exposure when you have HDR on; most of TF2's don't for some reason. The second and third mean that the skybox is supposed to be made of at least 12 files: one VTF image for each side of the cube, labeled "up", "dn", "ft", "bk", "lf", and "rt"; and a VMT file that matches each one. (A skybox with HDR support has 6 more VTF files that look all trippy and are used to store the extra image data that combines with the originals to make a proper HDR image.) But you just need to put the base form of the name—minus the last two letters—in the Map Properties. (And Interlopers is wrong about there being an underscore in between. I don't know how nobody ever caught that.)