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    Hey guys, Valeria here.

    This post is basically about me, owning my own tf2 server. Full details are as follows:
    Hosted: London
    Availability: About 18 hours a day
    Map uploads: Fully available
    Configs: All comp configs are on this server
    Whitelists: All whitelists are on aswell
    Players: 12 Max
    Password Protected: Yes

    Basically the way I am thinking, if you want a small test of your map with some friends without using a public server you can contact me to reserve a time, these times must be reserved at the latest 2 hours before the slot you want to play, and all slots are 2 hours long. This should be enough time to fully test your map, if you finish early you may just play on it, the 2 hours are yours to do as you wish.

    Add me on steam to discuss and make sure you have the map download ready, I will give passwords and IP's to the leader of the group to give to the party, the password will change every time as to give you private time, or you may ask the password to be removed all together.

    If anyone wants this feature feel free to add me.

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  2. ForbiddenDonut

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    I don't know what it is, but a lot of you new guys are coming in and offering server time and accompanying services.

    It's really, really awesome.
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    Didn't we needed a EU server? Or that was an AUS server?
    Anyway, if anything, you are probably going to need the feedback plugin we have in the main server.
    But this idea is awesome.
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    I was thinking the feedback feature is not really needed as this is more for friends of the map maker and they can tell him directly, and no one is using this feature either at the moment, come on guys, anyone is welcome.