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    OK, so for my CTF map, I am planning on having a security system (a la lasers), and have a few questions about putting it into place.

    I would like to have the lasers run across a doorway, stopping people from getting though. First, which do you guys think is better: closing the two alternate routes from the spawn, or closing two of the 5 routes to the intel room?
    Next, I would like this laser to be controlled by the capture of a 3 second control point. How do I do this? Also, does the Env_Laser work in TF2? If it does, how do I make it enable/disable with the CP. Next, how do I make a display as to whether the security is on, or off. By that, I mean a Sprite (or light) going on or off, with a label under it.

    Thanks in advance!
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    In (somewhat) order:

    1. Block off routes to the intel room (though lasers aren't common in tf2 maps so i wouldn't know for sure)

    2. I *think* env_laser works in tf2, I don't see why not.

    3. Use the OnCapTeam1 (for when red caps) and OnCapTeam2 (for when blu caps) outputs on your trigger_capture_area entity set to the TurnOn and TurnOff inputs on the lasers, respectively. (I'm assuming you know how to create a cap point, if not, see here)

    4. The sprite part of the display could be achieved by sending the inputs ShowSprite, HideSprite, and ToggleSprite (depending on what you want to do) to an env_sprite.

    Not quite sure about the text part. I know you can use an overlay or decal for static text, but if you want it to change, that won't work.