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    CTF Sandstorm
    A Reverse CTF map by Connect_Four

    Sandstorm is a twist on your average CTF style of gameplay.
    You must bring the intel to the enemie's base and plant it at either of the two capture zones. First to 3 caps wins.


    Alpha 2:
    -Added a setup time of 60 seconds
    -Added the func_respawnroomvisualizers that I left out in Alpha 1
    -Reduced size of ramps in spawnrooms
    -Added a second resupply locker to spawns
    -Changed the height of the upper inside cap, so that you will not incur fall damage
    -Added more health and ammo around the map
    -Changed position of outside cap
    -Added a catwalk area to the outside cap, providing height advantages for defending team
    -Added a connecting route between both the inside and outside cap
    -Placed a line of hazard tape designating the line between where the intel can and cannot go inside the spawn room
    -Added a cave route the leads up to the side tunnel used by the defense, added a room to correspond with this
    -Completely reworked the middle point, this change includes:
    -A house with 4 entrances from either side
    -Removal of all water
    -Fixed up the lighting to make it more attractive and less of an eyesore
    -Added a new system for capping the intel:
    -When the player carrying the intel stands on the capture zone, they must wait 5 seconds
    before the capture zones activates. This will reduce suicide rushes and give the
    defending team some time to backtrack and protect the point
    -Stepping off of the point will reset the time back to 5 seconds
    -A vocalized countdown has been added to all capture zones to help the confused
    -Lots of optimization. Nodrawed alot of surfaces I didn't catch in Alpha 1
    -Added a 3d skybox, nothing too amazing yet
    -Changed spawntimes
    -Added paint patches to the ground to designate where ammo and health packs are

    Alpha 1:
    -Initial release

    Here are the people that I would like to thank for helping me in someway or another in release this map:
    -Acegikmo: For the Valve environment library
    -Scorpio Uprising: For helping me with lighting and cubemap issues
    -MangyCarface: For inspiration to build upon the foundation of Reverse Capture the Flag
    -Shmitz and Youme: For the posters For hosting my map in gamedays, and the great community that gives support and assistance

    Please help my improve upon this map by giving helpful feedback, comments, and suggestions.
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    This is just what I see running through the map:

    You can't switch classes everywhere in the spawn right now, which is a bit deceptive. It's incredibly small too. There is almost no buffer zone between the bases meaning scouts are going to be incredibly powerful. I can reach the outside cap point as a scout in under 15 seconds and the indoor cap point in just over 15. Defense just doesn't seem very feasible when the points can be reached this quickly. Especially when it can take a Heavy longer than 15 seconds to get to the point if he takes certain paths(like the outside point glass pathway).

    No elevators. Please think of some work around.

    There's almost no metal in the map. Engineers are going to have an impossible time setting up. There also seem to be very few places to set up sentries that don't feel catered to, and all of those are very vulnerable to Pyros. The specific positions are irrelevant, but the map is too barren or close range from area to area, so I don't think Engineers will do very well without setting up turtling in areas you've designated to be good Engineers spots.

    Health kits are way too sparse, especially for offense. For example a sentry on the top side just out of spawn by the indoors point is going to prevent Blue from getting any health while moving to attack the point, the closest health kit is a small one all the way in the shack by the other point. You've also got some small leaks down in the water where the wall meets the water level.

    Looking foward to playtesting it soon.
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    Be prepared to handle player teaching issues. There's a reason I changed the game mode.
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    OK, so we all played it at gameday. What did you think?

    I know, I know, it has some problems. They would be:
    -HL2 water
    -Bigger health and ammo packs
    -Adding Setup times? See below

    I designed this map to have 2 capture areas, but the barrel room got zero attention. I've been racking my brain trying to think off a work around. Here's my proposed idea and terrible Photoshop sketch: [​IMG]

    Some sort of cavern between the two side tunnels, letting the attacking team fall back and regenerate health. A good place to lay attacking sentries, dispensers, and teleporter exits. I hope this would help give the barrel cap more attention and more action.

    Setup Times
    I can see the need for setup times, but how to achieve the effect of them being their without being extremely ugly(a tall line of fences that suddenly disappear when setup ends doesn't look very good). I hope I can think of a way to achieve such an effect, but I am always open to suggestions. I haven't fully explored all the tool textures that restrict access, only playerclips. But I can see that the use of a tool texture that is a clip would cause questioning as to why you can't access the other side even though its fully accessible by walking.

    Anyways, I have some things to change for Alpha 2. I'm always open to suggestions, and thank you for playtesting it today. :)
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    Alpha 2 is out!

    Edited the first post to show the changelog and general information. Check it out sometime.

    Hoping to get this to the next gameday for some much needed playtesting! :laugh:

    Please tell me what you think.
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    Heh i had to say it before anyone else.

    I liked the map however felt confused while playing it as i never really knew what to do. I played Engy most the map and the capture point near the spawn room with the glass wall can be easily locked down. Also the glass needs to be made more apparent. I watched ""Rainbow is unlock♥fishin'"" Try shooting at me what had to be 12+ times railing arrows into the glass prolly thinking "WTF HAX!" *watch the demo you'll get lulz*

    Setup time is a little long, i would drop it to 41 seconds *which is 35 ingame* add if possible add some direction in the game.
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    Bump Bump Ba Bump

    Gameday Bump

    What did you think of the map? I'll try to fix all the problems presented towards me

    Yes, I didn't realize that the announcer could spam like there was no tomorrow. An easy fix

    I did notice that I didn't make the catwalk accessible from the middle house. I'll fix that. Also, I was thinking of making another exit from the top spawn, going towards the intel area, and closing off the present exit.
    Will do captin. I need to watch the demo anyway, so this should be amusing :p

    I was mulling over respawn times for a while, and decided on the 1 minute time. I tested it out by myself, and found that I could build a level 3 sentry and level 3 dispenser in the outside areas rightmost cave before the setup ended. Reducing this would probably help reducing shutouts

    Some few things that I noticed in my 10 minutes of playing (before I went out for a haircut):
    -None of my overlays showed up. This may be just me, but if someone could vouch that they were indeed there, I could feel better
    -Floating piece of wood above tunnel to outside (My mistake :blushing: )
    -People trying to jump over the middle part, which I playerclipped. I found that I could see through the nodraws and get an advantage over where enemies are if I stand/RJ on the roof.
    -Capping areas not capping, I'll look extensivly into this, as it is a pressing problem
    -Announcer Spam :lol:

    Overall, I think this gameday went well. I need to examine the SourceTV demo soon. If you were at gameday and have suggestions and comments, I am always open for changes. Anything to help me better this map is fully appreciated and acknowledged.
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    I can help with the reverse ctf game ent set up, if you're having issues. Or you can ask DJive how his is set up in temple.
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    I admit I was very confused for the first half or so. I wasn't really sure what to do at all (I know you have to "plant the flag", but I couldn't figure out the rest), so I tried to follow the intel - but when one person goes Scout and runs off like hell with the intel, it's hard to work as a team.

    It's hard to give some advice (and I might be a little biased or whatever, seeing as I generally hate this mode), but I'd say you should really narrow it down to one cap zone, so it's more focused and less confusing. :/
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