CP Rotary a0

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Red Dagger

L1: Registered
Mar 7, 2016
Rotary - 4cp steel-esque with a large rotating gimmick

A map inspired by cp_steel, except instead of every point having a connector onto the last point, every point has a connector into a regrettable large fan a floor below the last point.

This is my second map (after a jump map) so it probably wasn't the best idea to tackle something with this complexity, but the general idea was to use the a/d style from steel and simplify it somewhat into something that's closer to a 4cp traditional a/d map, whilst still allowing the shenanigans the gameplay and spoke layout of steel offers. The dynamic elements were made so that D has only one point of entry for BLU until B is capped, then two more when C is capped. RED's spawn also doesn't move, and the only doors that open on caps are unlocked from the start but one-way only.

-At BLU spawn, on the upper ledge there's a set of doors connecting to C and D that slowly opens on round start, allowing players through around 2 minutes in.
-When A is capped, the fan rotates 60° allowing BLU to use it as a B connector, and RED's A spawn door becomes locked.
-When B is capped, the fan rotates freely and the B extension of RED spawn becomes blocked off.
-When C is capped, the one-way doors either side of the main D entrance open.

I think it's a liiiiiittle underscaled, which didn't help connector layouts as some of them are packed a little dirtily into their surroundings.

I might trash this map and make a simpler a/d/5cp map out of the spaces used considering there's little breathing room for layout changes so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯