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    I made this map for a friend's server last year and he let me put it up here, download link coming soon.
    He also made a trailer for it.
    only having it as b3 because it was tested a few times on the server for a while. It lost popularity and I thought some people might enjoy it here. Considering making it koth or arena. It works for either. I know there are a handful of problems with it currently and I want to work them out before I consider having it up for testing.

    To do:
    -Respawn for both teams functional
    -alternative for extinguishing players in waterfall
    -alternative for fan jump-pads
    -fall damage/death
    -lighten up map
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    Wow, looks cool. I like the detail, and the lighting looks phenomenal. I'll need to play a few rounds on it when I get the time