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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Haas, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Haas

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    A lot of custom maps use the texture rockwall001 but it is sooooo ugly and so repetetive. A lot of those maps use this texture on big displacements but this texture is only for small displacements.
    So i urge people to NOT use it!!
  2. YM

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    Also, if you DO use this texture on anythign other than a tiny section of a displacement make sure you set the texture scale to > 0.50 Thats bigger than twice the normal texture size of 0.25
  3. Scotland Tom

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    This texture does get extremely repetitious very quickly when used on larger displacements. As Youme said, if you're going to use it, it's probably a good idea to scale it up. I've personally used it at a scale of .25 just fine, but I have broken up the faces it's used on with other details (wooden beams and chicken wire) that prevent the repetition from being too obvious. Without those details to break things up visually I'd probably be using a different texture.
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