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KotH riverim A2,23

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Jan 14, 2018
riverim - this is my second atempt i would love to know how to fix the water

two rivers and …. I really don't know appreciate any one who plays my cruddy map


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Jan 14, 2017
Hello! After downloading and walking around your map, i would like to give you some advise:

firstly: personally this lighting is way to yellow. that's just me though. i would put this to map testing before changing it.

I would fix this clipping brush. players might hit it if they are jumping around before the round starts.

you need to clearly tell players where they can and can't go. the clipping for this map is near great. yet a simple fence would easily tell players this is the edge of the map. also the texture is stretched out.. it doesn't look to good.

the displacement is obvious and shows the sky through it. other than that, i would say good job with the displacements.
20180718215110_1.jpg 20180718215133_1.jpg

TF2 is not a dark game. add some light.

I would add a bridge or two. it speeds up the map and helps classes like Pyro that really suffer in water. also i can't seem to find what the water problem is. it looks fine to me. other than the clipping issue where you can see through it.

This is way too flat and barren. I would displace the land a bit and add props. Snipers are too powerful with this. also there is no way of telling the teams apart.

look at 2fort. the use of the red and blue colours to tell the bases apart is what this map needs.

Finally: your layout. it only takes (roughly) 14 seconds to get to the front as a solider.
I would recommend following UEAKCrash's "KOTH Formula" as this map is too small. try moving the spawns back ad adding another building in-between the spawn to fit this formula. also from the raised land by the rivers. you can see straight to the enemy spawn. you shouldn't as it tells the other team who has spawned and allows them to know where they will be coming into mid from.

Apart from this it would say it is a good attempt for a map. although it needs a lot of reworking and testing on a full man server before release.
keep up the good work