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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by BigBros, Jan 24, 2015.

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    Hey guys!


    So, what is it?

    It is a pyramidal CP map, with a twist. When the last point is capped, the respawn generator stops working, meaning it becomes an arena, last man standing. More coming soon. Alpine/Spytech theme.
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    So you missed some of what i said in the imp- i was talking about flow. The flow needs to be more intuitive- meaning that players kind of need to guess how to get where they want to be? Gravelpit does this by making the capture points the most distinctive things in the area they're in, opening sightlines carefully so you can see them, and using heights to guide players. This map seems to actively hide the caps- there were people really confused when last was capped. because they thought it was up on top of the building its in, rather than hidden inside it.

    Improving the flow also means sorting out the areas between the arenas. Gravelpit has only one real "corridor"- the rest is larger fighting areas. This map feels like you designed the areas seperately and then just drew lines from one door to another. Apart from anything else, it makes said routes really long and narrow and dull to fight in.

    (My personal rule of thumb for how many corridors are allowed in a tf2map is zero or less)

    Its waaaay too dark. I can't see who's on what team. I could only make out a sniper by his festive weapon.