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    This is a feedback thread for my Conquest gamemode which I recently made a .vmf with all the required entities in it. I used it in Clearing. If anyone is interested, it can be found here.

    Modelled after the Conquest gamemode in Battlefield, but with a few adjustments, this is how it works:

    • Each team starts with 200 tickets
    • Whenever a player kills a player of the opposite team, the dying team loses 1 ticket
    • There are 3 CPs in the map: 1 main one, and 2 side ones
    • Capturing and holding either of the two side ones will drain the opponent's tickets by 1 ticket per every 15 seconds
    • Capturing and holding the middle point drains 2 tickets every 15 seconds from the enemy's supply
    • When one team's ticket supply 0, that team loses

    Please tell me if it doesn't work or I've forgotten to include something!

    Once again, thanks to A Boojum Snark for the countless help and priceless advice!
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    This sounds like a gamemode that'd be fun to experiment with.
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    Thanks for the link!