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Discussion in 'Request Area' started by Malachite Man, Mar 26, 2017.

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    So today i have a request for gut textures well let me explain more so im making a map for tf2 where you're inside of something and i need gut textures and models.

    So first are the gut textures and im looking for not too doom 2016 realistic gut textures but rather something that fits the tf2 art style and is not overly gruesome.
    -A plain gut textures with nothing really fancy about it.
    -A gut texture that is a displacement that has a blend of two gut textures.
    -A gut texture that is also a displacement blend

    For this all im asking for is some vane models some hanging some just laying but as i have said before it needs to fit the tf2 also a light source that has something to with the inside of a person or living thing and a big heart that beats plus.
    So this one are vane overlays and blood overlays nothing to gruesome as a have said before.
    A cool 175x121 portal effect that has pictures of Archimedes faintly coming out of it.

    What map is this for?

    The payment will be two 2 keys for everything smaller components will be rewarded refined metal.
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    If you're wondering, there's already a blood overlay in the texture files. You could use it temporarily since it's an alpha. It might not be what you're exactly looking for, since it's basically blood splatter with lines spreading from the middle. Iirc the texture had blood in the name of it.
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    Yeah I have sorta been using that as a place holder but I need certain blood textures or I might run into the problem of repeatness.
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    I'm going to as nicely as I can point out that the last map you requested content from was never finished, or reached beta.

    People would be more inclined to make content for you, especially this much, if you could prove you had a gameplay feature complete map before you asked.
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