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May 1, 2015
Generally, when you get your map to a point where you can't think of how to make it better, or when you're happy with it, you should get it playtested. Playtesting a map with real players is invaluable, and really helps you to improve your map. Tf2maps usually hosts gamedays on the weekends, they're announced here. You can also get your map imped, played in an impromptu test.
Also, sometimes you just have to scrap projects if they don't work out. It sucks, but it can be helpful to retreat from a project with what you learned from it and try again. Use digression though.


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Mar 28, 2016
Look at Valve maps, or popular community maps. Think of your favorite areas on maps, with the most fun gameplay, and try to figure out their core layout. Don't copy them, but try to figure out their core concepts and then incorporate similar concepts into your map.

Alternatively, try and think up weird layouts that you haven't seen done before. Pick one you like, tweak it, and put it into your map. (I guess this probably won't work since it sounds like this is where you're already having issues.)

Finally, you could take your map theme (industrial, nature, spytech, etc.) and just think of an area that would make sense with your theme. For example, an industrial theme could get a loading dock area while a spytech theme could get a data center area. Only use this as a last resort, because it can lead to very bad layouts. Remember gameplay should always come before aesthetics.

Also, I'm really new so don't quote me on any of this


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Mar 28, 2014
Yeah I have done that before, the map I'm working on isn't near finished I just need ideas

Have you thought about combining the best elements of pl_underline and pl_smokey to complete both your maps? Aka, merge them into one if you're struggling to come up with enough ideas for both?