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    Due to the method I've been using to edit the artpass entry, I realized it's going to be quite some time before it will actually compile again. So I've decided to instead start importing finished "chunks" back into the base map, shoving the old content they replace into a hidden visgroup, and compiling the result as a regular "build." Starting with the two small barns. Apparently, though, I've messed something up, because I get this error:

    I wasn't sure quite how to find "entity 417", so I fired up the Entity Report window and punched "417" in the second field under "By key/value". It came up with a prop_static. Is that what it's talking about? And if so... how the hell is a prop_static a displacement, let alone one inside a func_detail?
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    You func_detailed a displacement (obviously) which is a bad thing. Look through your disps and move them all to world.