JUMP pyrokinesis rc1

jump map for pyro

  1. Red Dagger

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    pyrokinesis - jump map for pyro

    Jump map for pyro, intended to teach detonator jumping for proficiency in normal gameplay, and provide a challenge for those looking for more.

    -jumps based on a more grounded geometry
    -hint nodes for introducing the concepts of detonator jumping
    -5 courses of increasing difficulty
    --A: simple beginner course
    --B: horizontal jumps & strafing
    --C: vertical jumps & precision
    --D: restricted height jumps & ramps
    --E: mixed
    -various jumps based on jumps in official maps

    Try to find the bonus jump in each course for additional difficulty!

    Thanks to VAVLIE and Splerp for testing.
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  2. Tango

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    Never seen a Pyro jump map before.

    Looks good!
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  3. ProFound

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    Good work on this map! It’s really well made and is really beautiful in every way! The way that this map was designed to be a maze and some really realistic and innovative at the same time gives it its feel. You can also complete the whole map as scout with the winger and force of nature. I’m a sucker for these types of maps and keep up the good work!
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