JUMP pyrokinesis rc1

jump map for pyro

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    pyrokinesis - jump map for pyro

    Jump map for pyro, intended to teach detonator jumping for proficiency in normal gameplay, and provide a challenge for those looking for more.

    -jumps based on a more grounded geometry
    -hint nodes for introducing the concepts of detonator jumping
    -5 courses of increasing difficulty
    --A: simple beginner course
    --B: horizontal jumps & strafing
    --C: vertical jumps & precision
    --D: restricted height jumps & ramps
    --E: mixed
    -various jumps based on jumps in official maps

    Try to find the bonus jump in each course for additional difficulty!

    Thanks to VAVLIE and Splerp for testing.
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    Never seen a Pyro jump map before.

    Looks good!
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