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Oct 25, 2014
pu_frontline - tower defense, capture points

This is a map inspired from a project started in early 2015.

• Pick up powerups or steal your enemy's powerups in order to increase your team's chances of winning.

• Each team controls one Control Point and the middle point is neutral. The team that controls every point wins.

•In order to acquire access inside the base of the enemy team where the last point is, your team has to destroy the defense towers of at least one lane.
Once both towers from a lane are destroyed, then the barrier that was blocking the entrance inside the enemy team's base is open from the side of that lane only.

• Capturing the middle point rewards the capping team with reduced respawn times.

• Each tower has 5000 Health.

• Two skeletons spawn under the middle point every 60 seconds. They aren't powerful, but they slowly become a soft nuissance as more towers get destroyed. (Also runs mp_tournament so teams need to ready up)

• This is played with 5 players in each team with a class limit of one, sniper is banned (Until I figure out how to force the class to use only the Huntsman).

The download contains the .bsb, config and whitelist of the gamemode.
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Author's comments
Thanks to the Greek community for helping me playtest this map!

The lineup we'd run was 2 players in each lane and 1 soldier playing between the lanes using the Pain Train in order to capture the point, steal powerups and harass towers.
It was a very fun experience, however I don't think this map can be tested in a normal IMP as it requires 10 players who won't leave until its over and contains a custom whitelist and a config specified for the gamemode.

Please contact me on Steam if you'd like to test this out in whatever way possible with willing players!