Problems with props (looking for tutorial).

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    Hello there. I'm kind of new to mapping with hammer, and looking for some detailed information about props/models.

    1. Making doors with props. So, as far as I understood, you're placing invisible doors over the actual props, and connect them to each other, so when the door gets triggered, the prop will move as well? But how about those "double doors, e.g., sliding doors on dustbowl? how do they get to move at the same time?

    2. Editing props. So, there seems to be a whole bunch of tools to add custom props to your map, but what would I need to do some minor changes on already existing props? (like, cutting them up and adding textures to them).

    That'd be all for the moment. Thank you.
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    1. Two func_doors that move sideways (or up and down) and receive the Open input at the same time.

    2. In order to edit props, you need to decompile them, edit in a modelling program, then recompile. Read this for compiling and this for decompiling.