Problem with pakrat/vide/packbsp | adding custom sounds

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    For some reason i'm having so much trouble with this and i can't seem to find a solution anywhere... so where's what happened to me

    1. pakrat
    Whenever i try to pack my map this shows up

    However the second window that should appear after a while does not appear.
    And i have noticed that if my "Pak lump entries" is 0, then that window won't show up, thus i can't pack my map...

    i found a thread here that explains how i should put a "env_cubemap" into my map, but that did not work out, not sure why... that's all for pakrat.

    2. Vide

    Whenever i try to pack my map, since the last method didn't work... this window shows up, i don't know what it means....

    3. packbsp


    I tried using packbsp to try to see if it'll work or not... yet this just showed up...

    Here's my map files

    i'm trying to ship custom sounds into my map...
    that's all... and i have ran into so many troubles...

    What i did:
    1- Add custom sounds, make sure they work in hammer, make sure they are triggered and played.
    2- Open packrat and pack my map, then the sounds should work in the game when i load the map.

    i have followed this tutorial step by step, and yet i don't know what's going on.