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[prefab] Controllable Vehicle

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Resources' started by martijntje, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. martijntje

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    I found this thread: and thought, I might also be able to do it. So I tried to make Something similar from the ground up.

    Usage: place in the same folder as all your other prefabs. Simply add it to your map. Make sure that players can get in the car in the waiting for players period. (aka use mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 1). To take control of a car simple stand on top of it. You can walk up it from the back. Use the movement keys to ride the card (w,s,a and d default) use M1 to boos your forward speed (use with cation) and M2 to boost your backward speed.) currently there is no method of flipping your card back around once it is on its back. While riding, it kills players you hit/crush with your car. Engineer buildings seem a problem, they stop the car. When build on the car, the car wont move at all.

    My method: on top of the car is a trigger_multiple wich when touched by a player parents the player to the card and activate a game_ui. (jump to exit) Giving the player a top down view.
    The car is a prop_dynamic (by default the chairman model: parented to a phys_box. To the phys_box multiple thrusters are connected wich will thrust at the press of a key (via game_ui).

    The car isnt perfect, shakes sometimes, and moves more than a hovercraft than a car, but it works and I find it to be fun. The only crash I have had was with the waiting for players period, but other than that it worked fine. Unlike boojum's, my version has (crappy) physics, allowing it to flip, fall, ride hills, ride a looping, do a 540 mctwist to nosegrind and divide by 0.

    Use this prefab as you see fit, make a fun map or use it to learn from.
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    Ohoohoho..that is awesome. So will people see you inside the car, or will not see you at all?

    EDIT: sorry for bumping :x
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    Wait what

    This was posted three months ago and nobody commented until now

    I don't even remember this thread
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