Poster: Zombie Awareness

Discussion in 'Models & Textures' started by DrHorrible, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Courtesy of Nineaxis' TF2-style poster tutorial, I am throwing this together after some fun and inspirational Harvest_Event shenanigans last night.

    My own WIP ctf map (Quarantine, link in my sig) is zombie-apocalypse themed, so I'll be doing a whole series of Zombie Awareness posters for the map.

    I don't have clear, hi-rez images of classes doing the Thriller dance emote so I had to fudge them a bit. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to get some good images of various classes against a neutral background? (my own vid card is too old to take hi quality screenshots unfortunately).

    Once I get home I can convert the image to a usable VTF file.

    (Edit: Put together another one featuring the Pyro, based off of poster for 28 Weeks Later)
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    They look too high quality for TF2 posters.
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    The pyro would be better as a two tone silhouette. Other than that, good.