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    Red and Blu are fighting for control of a riverbed in the middle of the desert. Part of the river has been refilled and there's a barge floating on it, so naturally both are fighting to control it.

    10 Second capture time on the control point, mirrored layout.

    A1 completed within 30 hours from starting the project.
  2. Grim Tuesday

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    Looks SUPER linear, no side routes...
  3. Prestige

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    I like the water under the point, although a pyro nerf, and the bridge was cool too. feel like the point might be too open..would recommend extending the fence up more by the point.

    the sightlines were really huge, and seems hard to fix with the current layout.

    need a larger test though.

    also a cool idea would to connect the water somewhere into the bases (like a oneway sewer), and make a couple of ways slightly lowered to pop up from the water on the point.

    nah it wasnt bad. could say the same about viaduct....
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    Yeah, could be widened a little bit to keep sentry farms from deciding the outcome like what happens in Viaduct most of the time. Side path on the top is decent, but the proximity would make it too easy to contain it along with the main path.
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    Looks nice, but I wish there was side routes
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    It looks pretty nice but Pyros will find it hard to do well near that CP or bridge while Snipers and long range classes will be topping the scoreboard thanks to those huge sightlines.
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    I think the problem here is pretty obvious, you've got a long, rectangular, narrow map with few gameplay options. It works for Granary because it's wide, basically making there be a left and right side of the map, so there's enough separation of areas to make it not a narrow spamfest.

    1. There's a terrible sightline to the right

    2. You've basically made nucleus, except with more space on the point (which is good), but with water instead of a deathpit, which is bad. Water isn't fun to fight in, it isn't fun to fall in when trying to fight, and isn't fun to try and get out of when being spammed from both sides (there's a reason 2fort's water forces you to go out through the nice, cozy, protected sewers instead of climbing out in the middle of the fight around the bridge).

    If you're intent on the water, I'd recommend making the point on a proper bridge, lowering the water, and making safer exits farther back from the point. This also adds a flanking route, which will help add some variety to the gameplay beyond run-towards-the-point-and-spam.

    3. Be conscious of your gameplay spaces. Does the point have to be that large, with a huge cap area and an even larger flat, open platform? Should the area immediately off the point just be flat with no cover? Is the only height variation being an awkwardly placed bridge and a sniper deck going to contribute much to the map?

    Why is the area near spawn more interesting than the capture point?

    Spice things up.
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    Well, if you could call the heavyfest a playtest, then yes I have some valid comments.

    Basically, I felt that the map was a bit flat and boring. A lot of things felt overscaled, so it watered down what was already good. I advise that you keep the nice displacements, but shrink that yard area down, and especially shrink down the buildings and displacements spawn side. The side buildings are also pretty overscaled. Finally, the middle yard felt largely prop-detailed, so I would try and fit some geometry in there too.

    Personally, I advise that you add in some buildings on either side of the bridge instead of props (small, compact buildings) so you could effectively create 'streets' while still having a smaller spawn yard and middle yard, allowing for different gameplay styles within the map.