Poison Island (possibly placeholder name)

KotH Poison Island (possibly placeholder name) A4

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May 31, 2018
Poison Island (possibly placeholder name) - Set on a island you try to capture the leaking poison factory, with probably too many gimmicks! :)

Hello there!

I used to play on the tf2 maps server quite a bit about a year(I think) ago and only recently got back to tf2/mapping I've worked quite a bit on maps now but this is the first I have put onto the internet in anyway, mostly since I feel like I have a idea/overall goal that I want it to be with this one although it's at an early state at the moment, I'll mostly be writing about what I want the map to eventually be/the idea behind certain area's so you can see where I'm going with things and since it's probably going to need alot of tweaking.

General idea/hopes of the map:

The main goal I wanted to make when I started was a map that is fun to move around with lots of different routes and with quite an open feeling to it (apart from the top of the main building), climbing up on sheds and buildings to get onto rooftops to try to get above or go a different route or to move down to the lower parts to pickup health and ammo.

Another big thing is since the map will have alot of routes and such I tried to make the factory where the cap is quite open to encourage the use of all the areas. So that's the other main thing to not have too much that ends up being useless if you can just stick to one or 2 specific areas and you aren't encouraged to go elsewhere.

The other main thing is due to the nature of the map it would favor the more mobile classes who can easily move around it so to make the less mobile classes still appealing.

I'll write a bit more about some of the stranger parts of the map so you can see why I thought to include them which may need changing.

Race track with a ring of "fire?":

There is a spikerobot and a flaming robot racing around the track to avoid with a ring that you can get a huge health/ammo pack from going into. The bots are currently unbalanced since they both go in the same direction but that will be fixed if the bots end up being a thing to keep.

Parachute tower:
There's a tower as a part of each spawn that shoots you out of it. Some of the things that I focused on with it is that you can't have too much of an effect on what's happening at the control point and it's more for a way to get out/to position yourself somewhere or try things with playing a class that usually cannot parachute (the parachute wears off but that should hopefully only come into effect if you're trying to keep the parachute going with rocket/sticky jumping). I think it may be best if it wasn't too strong of a thing, like if everyone was just using that then everyone just skipping a chunk of the map everytime may not be so good.

The ring of fire will likely have to have the bots removed and the parachute more downsides to using it or likely removed entirely but I thought to leave it as is for now to see if it could potentially work.

Poison/instakill fall zones:
Besides making parts of the map a bit more dangerous the it's to hopefully help with the open feeling of the map since instead of walls closing you off you can move above where the poisoned bits are so long as you are over them.

Please do leave a reply if you have any feedback, I'm not too sure about the map so far I have worked on it quite a bit but to know what does/doesn't work (especially with the layout in general since I've tried something that I haven't done before with it) would be super helpful.

Thank you!
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Jul 29, 2016
1st: i recommend using Team Fortress 2 textures and not HL2 textures
2nd: add a light_environment to get rid of the full bright and to help with depth perception.

good luck and i hope to see where this goes.
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May 31, 2018
It's mostly just placeholders at the moment but I'll keep it in mind to focus on the tf2 ones.

Oops added a thumbnail now.

Thanks for the reply and the luck!


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Jan 27, 2016
Tip: Use the “tf” keyword in the material browser and the TF2 Category in the model browser. It is also a good practice to use dev/ textures for the alpha of your map. This makes it easier to make changes, since you don’t have to remove details

[Edit] And then I take a look at your map and see that you used dev textures, my fault
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May 31, 2018
A3 Changes:

Added more ammo and adjusted some areas to help out engineers
Made a couple of things to make moving around certain areas easier/more appealing of a way to go.
Fixed the moving platform on one side
info_observers added, some that show the various points of the map and 2 that show you from the "eyes" of the robots around the track
Lots of other minor stuff/adjustments

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Jul 10, 2017
Is it still fullbright? I can understand if you believe It shouldn't have lighting when its a placeholder, but I would really advise adding a light_environment. At least to see where other lighting might go! Good Luck.