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Player Numbers

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Jotun, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Jotun

    Jotun Guest

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    I was just wondering what everyones approach was on player numbers.
    What are you designing your maps towards; 24 or 32?
  2. drp

    aa drp

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    i think 24 should be the target for all mappers. unless a map is huge, and i mean huge, 32 player servers are a clusterfuck and are no fun.
    this is all IMO ofcourse ;)
  3. [Ht]Ons

    [Ht]Ons Guest

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    i dunno dr. In qwtf many leagues were 15v15 for a long time and it was more fun i would say then 12v12 or less. Granted tf2 is more css and tfc based so i think the community would appreciate more maps geared towards 10v10 ish.
  4. Armadillo of Doom

    aa Armadillo of Doom Group Founder, Lover of Pie

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    I think it also depends on the type. Ctf can be good w/ any number of players. Cp and tc I think should lean closer to 24. And I agree w/ Jotun, 32 players tend to be a little too crazy. If I wanted team deathmatch, I'd go play it.
  5. Jotun

    Jotun Guest

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    I think you are agreeing with the good doctor.
    I was just asking how the vets went about it.
    32 player; the more the merrier;thats just me though.
  6. ryodoan

    ryodoan Resident Bum

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    My largest experience with online FPS games is Day of Defeat and more recently Battlefield 2, DoD max size is 32 and BF2 has huge maps for 64 players.

    If there was a large enough map with some serious choke points (I like choke points) I would definitely prefer 32 players, but the current maps fit pretty good with 24 people.

    here is why I really like choke points, If you are playing with a pick up group, just joining an online game they are easy to defend is my first thought, my second thought though is that it forces you to play with your team mates, if you don't work together using Uber or have a balanced team you are not going to break through