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Sep 3, 2019
pl_cragharbor - A single-stage Payload map based on a rocky coast.

Welcome to Cragharbor!
A windy and wet Payload-map set on a rocky coast.
Blu is trying to push the cart from their harbour across the coast, through a tunnel all the way into the heart of the Red harbour.


  • The 1st section of the map, leading up to point A, contains 2 gates which will open as the cart gets near them and close again once the cart is far enough away. 20200322182840_1.jpg
  • 1 More gate separates point A from the 2nd section of the map, opening into a more open area. Leading up to point B is a ramp-like structure with 2 rollback-zones.20200322182917_1.jpg

  • After point B is captured Blu's spawn moves significantly further up and the journey continues through a tunnel leading to point C. A dangerous cliff-side acts as an alternative flank route.20200322182953_1.jpg

  • After C is captured all that remains is the final control-point, which sits just underneath Red's final spawn room.20200322183042_1.jpg

This is my first submission to and I hope through your feedback and tips I can develop this into my first properly made map.