Pharaoh A2

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I really suck!
Nov 5, 2016
Pharaoh - Egypt 72 hour map made in 6 hours

Hey, look at that! Another 72 Hour Jam submission where I begin mere hours before my deadline!
Having made a map from the beginning of the allocated time, I didn't really like it, and so chose to scrap it and start again.

Inspired by Egypt of course!




I'm not really looking for feedback for the interior areas yet; it was cobbled together rather hurriedly to meet the deadline :p

Some of the known problems:
  • Spawns are placed badly, are only blocked by a wall short in front of each, and are right next to intel
  • Basically the entire interior area will be redone, as everything was placed and connected haphazardly to get it working
  • No 3D skybox, loads of visible cutoff geometry
  • Bad displacements
  • Huge lack of detail in general of course
  • You can get ontop of the archway structures at mid

EDIT: oh oops, turns out there's a map with the same name euhhh
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