CTF Pasty2 A1

A revival of your favorite pastry!

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    Pasty2 - A revival of your favorite pastry!

    Here it (finally) is. Deliver the flag to the enemy's base.

    As of now, the flag is instantly captured but can be blocked. If dropped, it returns after 15 seconds. If captured and delivered successfully, it will respawn after 30 seconds. (Yes, I know it floats, but that's clipped off anyway.) All respawn times are 7 seconds and remain static I may have them update based on flag position in a later version.

    Currently, I'm looking for feedback on the map scale and layout. It might feel small, but the dimensions are roughly similar to the original version. And if it matters, are the light tans of the original or greys of the current version preferred?

    Thanks to the wonderful @Muddy for making the original map and for allowing me use the VMF and demos to remake it.
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