Particle Editor Tutorial #2 - Installing your particle file

Discussion in 'Tutorials & Resources' started by Fearlezz, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. Fearlezz

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    This one is shorter then the first tutorial. But I simply think that this needs to be out there for those who still don't know how to install particles so they can use it in their map.

    Let's continue from where we left off. The fireball. Let's save the PCF file and name it whatever you want. I usually save my PCF files in this format; mapname_particles.PCF

    But it doesn't matter what you name the PCF. For this fireball pcf, I'll just save it as, fireball_particle.PCF. Save your PCF file in your particles folder, if you don't have one, create it.
    Just remember what you named it and let's move on.​

    Go to your map folder and create a .TXT file and name it what ever you map is named and add _particles.txt
    A example would be, ctf_mymapname_a7_particles.txt. In it, you need this piece of text;

    		"file"		"!particles/[B]fireball_particle[/B].pcf"
    You must replace fireball_particle with the name of your .PCF file.

    Now go into hammer and load your map. Put a info_particle_system entity where you want your particle in the map.

    In the properties, in the Particle System Name field, type in the name of the particle system you made, not the name of the .PCF file, but the name of the particle file you typed in when you pressed Create in the Particle Editor. In my case, its fireball_main.​

    Change "Start Active?" to Yes, if you want the particle to start emitting when the map starts.

    If you've done everything right, you should have your custom particle ingame working like a charm. ​
    Any questions? Ask away!
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    i think i say for all..thankyou for these amazing fireball tutorials.
    They've explained to me how to make particles :)
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    Why not just put the all "parts" the same thread.. and have a index at the top of the first thread's post, linking to the correct post inside that thread?

    They have relatively same-ish content and topic, and I think you're just hurting yourself by splitting any discussion between multiple threads!

    Just a friendly suggestion.
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    Closed per request. [ame=""]Head here[/ame].
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