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    Many entities, functions, etc. don't have a parent property shown all the time.
    But if I turn off Smart Edit I can add my own properties.
    So I added a parentname (the properties name) and set the value to the name of a moving object.
    I did this with a spawn point and a func_tracktrain brush and tested it, and it appeared to work!
    Can this be applied to anything?
    This would be neat now that I could try to have moving control points and spawn areas and other various objects that normally don't allow a parent property.
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  2. Pseudo

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    I know that this method does work for team_control_point, trigger_capture_area, and item_teamflag.
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    Adding parents manually won't work all of the time. I took a shot with control points and assoc. entities, and something did not work. However, it was with a func_brush, and I forget the exact name I used for the parent field. Maybe someone should try it again...