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    So,hello everyone.
    My real name is Benjamin and I'm from Germany,so please don't judge spelling mistakes really hard on me :'(
    I was here a long time befor,but my Maps were pretty bad :(
    I'm happy I found this site again,because I spend most of my time with Tf2
    I've come accross this community again from 2fort2furious.They tol'd me this is the right place for people who like mapping for Tf2 and are more advanced.

    So,I started with mapping 1 and a half year ago.First I mapped for Garrys-Mod,but in the last months Tf2 mapping got me.
    Until now I've already made a few Tf2maps,but still there is a lot to do for me.
    My last map I'm working on,and still am,is here.(2F2F Thread.)

    So.Hello everyone :)
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    Hey welcome to the forum :) It's ok if your spelling is bad because i know a lot of foreign people from places such as Germany, China and Japan so i know it can be hard so i understand. I doubt that people will judge you here on this forum as they are decent people :)