{Official maps} Environmental library Prefab

{Official maps} Environmental library Prefab v1

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May 18, 2014

Note: I only knew a similar version existed while I was half way through the process of making this,so I'm not intentionally stealing any content or credit from the original author. Please keep that in mind.

{Official maps} Environmental library Prefab - Copy 'n' paste valve map environments into yours!


Copy 'n' paste valve map environments into yours!

--This download contains environmental entities from all the official maps (including Halloween maps) .
--All maps are separated into different files.
--Simply copy and paste the entities into your map (and change the skybox to a matching one).
--Includes sky_cameras with fog settings.

Yeah I know I've already made a thread for this
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Aug 30, 2015
Hey y'all

So the download link has been broken ever since Dropbox killed external links, I have decided to host my own copy. Unfortunately I have lost the files for Gorge, Badlands, and Granary but everything else is there. I, of course, make no claim to this being my own work and will gladly remove this post once a functioning link is restored.