Odd lighting problems (pics!)

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    Hi everyone, registered a few weeks ago, got absorbed in mapping. The map is coming along nicely, and I'll try to get a separate thread on its progress in the coming week. For now, I've run into some strange lighting problems, in particular regarding prop_statics. Let the analysis begin!

    Pic 1: Completely black prop_static
    The metal plank wedged between the wall and platform is completely black. The origin of the prop is probably in a dark area, but that doesn't mean the entire thing should be dark. Any ideas?

    Pic 2: Fully lit prop_static
    The bright metal planks on the roof appear fully lit from inside the building. Notice the surrounding wood (world geometry): it's somewhat dark. What is causing the difference?

    Pic 3: Inconsistent lighting past fence
    Notice the lighting difference on different sides of the fence. There is a clip brush that divides this wall, could that be the issue?

    Pic 4: Darkened truck
    This truck appears dark, regardless of whether it's inside or outside of the building. The front of the truck should appear brighter, yes? That's my intuition.

    I'm compiling using standard lighting (i.e. "default" in Hammer). I'm also using vanilla prop_statics (no attribute changes). Is there something obvious I'm not accounting for? Any help would be much appreciated!
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    For #1, I think you have a bad brush that is spilling over. The easy fix it to find the brush causing that and turning it into a func_detail.

    For the others, make sure you have a cubemap nearby. Cubemaps help with lighting, especially when you have weird lighting reflections.