NPC Model has spazzing parts?

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    I finally found a nice model to use in my map (a Skyrim dragon from Garry's Mod), and I set up a prop_dynamic that uses the model. I attached it to a func_tracktrain, and when I tested it ingame, everything was going smoothly... That is, until I looked at the model.

    The dragon's head was spazzing back and forth very quickly, constantly. In Garry's Mod, this dragon's head looked at enemies as it moved along. However, I don't need that feature in a TF2 map. That may be the reason why its head is spazzing in my TF2 map.

    I noticed this with Friendship is Magic NPC models as well. However, only their eye pupils spazzed out and did a plethora of other strange things.

    Is there any way to fix this? I would like the dragon's head to be non-spazzy in my map. Surely there must be some proper entity or checkbox to use on NPC models?

    *Edit* - After some experimenting, I figured out the model spazzed after the 30 second "waiting for players" reset. Setting the model to be disabled initially fixed it, I hope.
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