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    I'm not really sure if I've got the authority to try to get this thing going, but I'd like to run it by everyone and this seems the most appropriate area. Collaboration Project: Payload

    Interested in taking a break from your current, intensive WIP to do a little bit of design work? Then this project is for you!

    The basis of the project is such:
    Participants download the very simple vmf, pictured above, from this link:
    Collaboration Template

    They then create, within the boundaries of the given space, a 1 checkpoint payload map. However, the path of the payload must enter from one of the given entrances/doorways and exit through another.
    Requirements: (can be debated/discussed)
    1. Dev textures only.
    2. Every "minimap" must have a functional spawn room with a capacity of 16 players.
    3. Minimal prop usage. Only what is needed for gameplay.
    4. Detail brushwork is suggested, but try not to develop a theme of your own (sorry : /)

    Why the lack of polish, you ask?
    Well, the aim of this collaboration is to piece several submissions together into a linear and functional Payload map. Depending on number of submissions this could result in one or more payload map possibility. Each submitted vmf will be considered (by the community) for addition to the payload map; those chosen will be put into the same vmf and the ends of the payload paths sealed. Once functional as a map, the mappers involved will take turns handling detail and texturing runs. This is most definitely a complicated step, but given good communication it could run smoothly. Since this would take place in the middle of the summer, more people would be free.

    Submission deadline: June 15th

    Please provide feedback about the feasibility of such a project. I think it could be a nice little diversion and produce a map with flavors from all of our contributors. So hop aboard, it's not a huge commitment and you might just have fun participating!