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    After some down time to fix that stupid 'different class tables' bug, the server is back. A couple of our users took it upon themselves to organize a last min. gameday for all the test maps, so mad props to them :D We will resume next week, same time same place, with all of the current maps in case anyone missed the last min. arrangement. Our gibbing event is gonna be next Friday night as well, same time as before. My apologies for the delay :( Steam can be rather annoying sometimes. (But at least it's not the server's fault specifically this time ;))

    On a non-server related note, voting for the payload contest has slowed down a bit. So I'm setting a deadline of one week until voting is officially closed. You can d/l the map pack and check out all the great reviews here; And as always, you don't need to wait until gameday. Our server is there for you to use, w/ all the finest custom maps. Visit the Steam chat and round up a game. Just 'rtv' to play one of the contest entries. Good luck to all of the contestants, and I hope to see everyone next weekend :)